The Story of the Fly  Seeking His Freedom

I observed a fly one day desperately hurtling himself towards a closed glass window. He repeatedly threw himself frantically at the glass in an effort to escape, all to no avail.

“If only I tried harder” the fly must have been thinking.

“If only I keep going, I’ll break through this glass.”

“I know I can do it!”

But the problem was that the fly was operating under the false belief that if only he tried harder, he would break through.

If only he exerted more effort, he would earn his freedom.

Unfortunately, the reality for the fly was the harder he tried, the more effort he exerted, the closer it brought him to exhaustion and his own death.

If the fly had just stopped and seen the open door NEXT to the window, he could have flown effortlessly through the door and claimed his freedom in moments.

...He died mere centimeters from freedom!
Wade Klimpke 
MyBite Denture & Implant Solutions
Calgary Ontario

Do You Have a Freedom Focused RoadMap?

Trying harder is NOT the way to earn your freedom my friend.

Exerting more effort will not set you free.

It’s not about effort exerted.

It’s about walking through the open door.

And that’s exactly what Jonathan, Aaron and Wade all embraced…

A concept I call ‘Less... BUT Better’

Fewer cases, but higher quality, higher revenue, and higher margins.

Focus all of your marketing efforts on the one or two case types that have the financial ability to set you free…

And cost the same in advertising to generate as those ‘Hamster Wheel’ cases.

 If you’re going to the race, do it in a Ferrari… not a Ford!
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