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"We built our denture implant clinic around this system. The educational approach to our new patients fills our schedules up for weeks in advance. This works"

Aaron Arifovski, DD NOVA Denture and Implant Centre Ottawa ON
"It's going really well! What surprised me was that 50% of the clients are putting on the form that they are interested in implants. Now we have some kind of overdenture plan because they asked about it."
Jonathan Verroche, DD Verroche Denture Clinic
Niagara Falls ON
January 13 to April 13
  • 12,547 clicks
  • 3,784,983 ad impressions
  •  61 cents per click
  • ​147 consultation requests. 
Hayes Leung, DD
Hayven Dentures 
St. Catharines ON
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